Master Vanilla Cake Donut Recipe

Master Vanilla Cake Donut Recipe



A Virtual Donut Training Class – All while I open A New Donut Shop Business

Join me LIVE all while I train the new owners of a startup donut business via zoom. I will then walk you through step-by-step on how-to make the 3-milk Vanilla Cake Donut Recipe LIVE, in real time. The new donut business will be utilizing my master vanilla cake donut recipe for the cake donut line.

I will personally guide you through the process of ingrediant preparation, mixing, and making the cake donuts and then decorating the cake donuts in real time LIVE via zoom…

All Training Provided In A Commercial Setting

Don’t just follow a recipe – I will explain how the ingredients and inclusions work together to formulate a stable recipe!

Donut Business Professional

Vanilla Cake Donut Video Training

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. I know you are seeking a cake donut recipe but first learn about my expertise and how I can help you not waste your time on theory-based donut recipes.

The truth of the matter 99% of donut recipes are theory based, untested recipes that are a complete waste of time to prepare and because 99% of online recipes posted are nothing more than click bait to sell you something like donut baking pans etc.,.

Learn a master cake donut recipe from an expert who teaches people the art of donut making to open donut shop business.

I started this donut business
I opened this donut business
I started this donut business with my consultation services

My name is Lester Chastain and I start donut franchises and donut shops for a living. Entrepreneurs who want to start a donut business hire me to train them in the art of donut making. Why? I have been successfully opening wildly successful donut businesses now for the past 3 decades.

I am a donut business consultant and master donut maker and I provide onsite donut training monthly for new donut shop startups. My video testimonials from multiple clients are here on my website.

Today, I would like to provide a special donut recipe for you. A stable recipe that can be enjoyed for years to come at home, business and for FUN!

3 milk cake donut recipe needed to stat a donut shop business
3 milk Buttermilk Vanilla Cake Donut Recipe
Cake donut varieties needed to start a donut shop business

One word sums up the 3-milk buttermilk vanilla cake donut


This is the same cake donut recipe that travels with me when I open new donut shops and franchises

The donut recipe video training will guide you to learn how-to-make my 3-milk Vanilla Cake Donut Recipe that has been tested and perfected for consistency and stability and the recipe was tested over a 5-year period- prepared in batches of #50 and #100 Lbs.

With your purchase of the master vanilla cake donut recipe.


I will then invite you via zoom to attend a LIVE cake donut training workshop via zoom on 09-22-22. I will train the new owners of a donut shop franchises.

I will then personally walk you through step-by-step to prepare a master vanilla cake donut recipe. I also will assist you for years to come. Donuts and the donut business is all I do 24-7.

But that is not all you will learn – Not even close…

Because during the virtual donut training class I will be teaching a new business owner how-to implement a complete cake donut line utilizing the 3-milk Vanilla Cake Donut Recipe.

You will also learn.

1). How-to calculate donut end batter temperatures (I will provide you a excel template that does the math for you). The calculations eliminated the guess work when determining water temperature and is critical when making cake and yeast donuts

2). A complete explanation of ingredients and inclusions used i.e. flour, dough conditioner, dough preservatives and dehydrated inclusions and so much more…

This Is What You Will Receive With The Purchase Of The Master Vanilla Cake Donut Recipe

1). Complete step-by-step 3-milk Buttermilk Vanilla Cake Donut Training Video (INSTANT ACCESS)

2). LIVE cake donut training workshop via zoom on 09-22-22.

3). Master Cake Donut Recipe delivered on excel. The excel program automatically scales the recipe to any poundage you need based on the original recipe

4). Unlimited consultation via zoom, phone, email support

Unconditional NO Exclusion Money Back Guarantee. If For ANY Reason You Are Not 100% Happy With Your Order I Will Refund Your Money Back! No Exclusions!!!