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Hi I’ m Lester Chastain

Entrepreneur  | Tradesman

I help people bring their passion for donuts into a profitable donut shop business

Expert donut maker and entrepreneur

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You just discovered comprehensive turn key solutions on how to start a donut shop business. Solutions ranging from expert donut training tutorials, doughnut business books & manuals to on-site hands on doughnut training at your location.

I genuinely enjoy helping people start a donut shop business and it’ s about helping people achieve their dreams of owning a successful donut shop business. I am enriched and happy when I can assist entrepreneurs with a plan of action and make that plan a reality.

My personal experiences of helping people not only enrich them but me as well. There is no nicer feeling of enrichment then assisting clients to start a donut business. Their dreams are now my dreams and there’s a great deal of responsibility to make that happen on my end. For me “it ‘s all about helping people to bring donuts into a donut shop business”.

I have personally been enriched providing consultation and traveling throughout the country and experiencing the hospitality of my clients and their home state. I always make a point to allow a few extra days after the training to absorb the local culture, landscape and history of the state I am visiting.

I do not take this experience for granted for it truly a gift and whenever possible, I fly my family into the location I am providing consultation at to experience- a new experience. Myself and my family included take seriously the opportunity to make new friends with our clients and locals from the community.

We believe after a successful training we have a new place to call home knowing we have completed a job well done. We know that we will be there for our clients for years and years to come. We consider a successful training for when we no longer deem a client as a client but a friend.

Lester Chastain

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