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The Doughnut Business Formula complements the Advanced Donut Training Course

Finally, it’s here! The Doughnut Business Formula (bounded book) with Instant PDF access. This 242-page book is a step-by-step guide to starting your own profitable business selling donuts!

Chapter 1.) Beginning Doughnut Recipes

This comprehensive chapter tells you about all the ingredients needed to make doughnuts from Scratch. We begin by listing the ingredients needed for yeast and cake doughnut recipes. Learn how to cook with flours, sugars and oils. We then explain the method to successfully make pour batters and soft doughs for superior yeast and cake doughnut. We finish with a chapter on modifying existing recipes to make your very own kind of doughnuts.

This preparatory chapter will help you utilize chapter 2 (Advanced Yeast & Cake & Doughnut Making Techniques.).

Chapter 2.) Advanced Yeast & Cake Doughnut Making Methods and Techniques

Utilizing my twenty-years of doughnut making experience, we continue our journey with advanced yeast doughnut making methods (recipe included). The advanced doughnut making course on DVDS clarifies and complements this specific chapter.

We explain in an easy to understand step-by-step process about everything you need to know to make yeast and follow cake doughnut recipes from scratch. We also offer personal tips, donut calculation formulas and recipes passed down to me by some old-time bakers.

Also included are resources to acquire ingredients and donut equipment with common prices and excellent donut icing, topping and filling recipes. Everything you need to operate your own donut shop is covered, including store layout, automated donut makers, recipes, premixes, and baking and frying methods.

Chapter 3.) Seventy-Five Most Popular Questions Pertaining To the Doughnut Business

A compilation of donut making tips, advice and business Insights we handpicked from 2000+ ideas from our twenty years of experience in the industry.

Chapter 4.) Doughnut Business (Past and Present)

The book starts with an in-depth analysis of the doughnut business derived from the twenty years of business experience and complemented with four months of research.

You will learn about the doughnut industry, interoperations, the doughnut shop owner mindset, the doughnut maker, the counter person and the doughnut connoisseur.

Chapter 5.) Doughnut Wholesale Business

The book explains how to successfully acquire daily contractual doughnut wholesale accounts and avoid costly mistakes. In addition, it tells about the specific equipment you need based on your own particular requirements and what kind of doughnut business you hope to have.

Chapter 6.) Learn How to Start a Profitable Mobile Doughnut Concession Business

Yes, that’s right! Learn the secrets of booking hugely profitable events, including state fairs, festivals, concerts and carnivals. The book explains what you need to know before you approach event managers. It is all based on the seven critical factors a signature food item must meet.

Then I generously share a specialty doughnut line, based on the seven critical factors a signature food item must meet. A doughnut line made in multiple varieties to almost guarantee successful booking of events. The book offers the best doughnut business advice money can buy.

No other book provides such valuable advice.

Chapter 7.) Identifying the Ideal Doughnut Shop Location

The Doughnut Business Formula describes an ideal location for your new business, along with places to avoid.

But that’s not all. The book also provides detailed information about identifying and understanding how to rent or purchase a business location. It informs you about determining a community’s wants and needs. And about identifying and fulfilling a particular doughnut niche.

Chapter 8.) Marketing the Doughnut Business

Products that go together, sell well together. The chapter on marketing is very useful. In easy to understand language it explains how to up-sell and cross-sell related products that sell well together with doughnuts.

We continue our journey with an in-depth approach to marketing specialty, theme-based, holiday and character-based doughnuts. In addition, we provide an in depth assessment of current developments of related products, including coffee, espresso and cupcakes to complement your doughnut shop and boost your PROFITS. Everything you need to know is covered!

Chapter 9.) Acquiring Free Media for the Grand Opening of your Doughnut Business

New businesses require advanced advertising, marketing, branding and promotion. You will be SHOCKED when you discover our method of attracting free media publicity for your business grand opening. The media will be attracted to your grand opening like moths to a fire.

Chapter 10.) Acquire Free Bakery Related Equipment

We inform you of proven methods of acquiring many kinds of free bakery equipment, including display cases, espresso machines and coffee brewers. But it doesn’t stop there! You will be armed with our insights to capturing discounts from local ingredient suppliers and negotiating lower prices on bulk orders.

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Still not convinced? The proof for just how valuable the doughnut business formula book really is in the table of contents below.



About the Authors – Page 9


Why I Wrote Donut Business Formula and What You Will Learn – Page 11

Monetizing the donut business! – Page 11

In the Beginning (Taken from Donut Shop Formula E-Book) – Page 13

Overview of the Donut Business Industry – Page 14

Donut Statistics – Page 14

Healthier consumer attitudes – Page 15

Themed Donuts – Page 16

Designer Donuts – Page 17

Home-made Donuts – Page 17

Donuts as a Cheap Treat – Page 17

The Donut Shop Owner – Page 21

The Donut Maker – Page 22

The Counter Person (Employee) – Page 22

The Customer – Page 23


Identifying the Ideal Donut Shop Location – Page 25

Donut Shop Locations to Avoid – Page 26

The Ideal Donut Business – Page 26

(1) Contractual Daily Donut Wholesale Accounts – Page 29

(2) Mobile Donut Concession Business – Page 29

(3) Catering of Donuts, Cupcakes Coffee and Sandwiches – Page 29

(4) Secondary Satellite And/or Cold Spot Donut Location – Page 30

(5) Up Selling and Cross-Selling Related Products – Page 30

4 ~ All Rights Reserved 2011-Present

Special Events (Birthday Parties) – Page 31

Specialty Services (Internet café) – Page 31

Specialty Services (Self-service Photocopier) – Page 31

Identifying Your Donut Business Niche 31

  1. Access the Specific Market for Donut Popularity. – Page 32
  2. Community Wants and Needs. – Page 33
  3. Specialty Donuts and Related Products – Page 33

Identifying Donut Equipment Based On Your Donut Business Niche – Page 35

  1. How large or small is the rural and/or metropolis region you plan to sell donuts within? – Page 36
  2. Do you plan on acquiring donut wholesale accounts on a daily basis (contractual accounts) in conjunction with daily retail donut sales? – Page 37
  3. Do you plan on opening a second donut shop location? – Page 38

Donut Shop Design & Layout – Page 39

Researching Donut Equipment For Sale and Resources – Page 43

The #1 window (browser) URL is – Page 44

The #2 window (browser) URL is – Page 44

The #3 window (browser) URL is – Page 44

The #4 window (browser) URL is – Page 44

The #5 window (browser) URL is – Page 44

Other donut equipment resources – Page 45

Sample Plan 2 : Donut Shop Plans with Drive-Through – Page 46

Donut Equipment Buying Tips and Resources – Page 47

Donut Fryers – Page 48

Proof Boxes and/or Cabinet – Page 49

Donut Glazers – Page 51

Dough Mixer Buying Tips – Page 52

Exhaust Hood & Fire Suppression Installation – Page 52

Exhaust Hood in fire suppression system Installation – Page 53

Exhaust Hood Mechanical Plans – Page 55


All Rights Reserved 2011-Present ~ 5


Donut Fryer Optimization – Page 59

Additional tips and suggesting for optimizing your fryer for production. – Page 59

Shortening Box Plans – Page – Page 61

Donut Shop Safety – Page 62


How to Acquire Donut Wholesale Accounts and Pre-Orders – Page 63

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Wholesale Accounts – Page 65

Specialty Donuts for Specialty Events and Holidays – Page 65

Theme Based Donuts – Page 67

Advertising and Acquiring Donut Pre-Orders – Page 68

Utilizing a scrapbook to help sell products – Page 69

Digital Picture Frames – Page 69

Up Selling – Page 69

Birthday Parties – Page 70

Office Parties – Page 70

Additional Ideas – Page 70




Chapter Summary – Page 78


The 7 critical factors, a signature item must meet – Page 84

The Faultless Donut Product to Sell at Shows, Carnivals and Special Events – Page 84

Q1. What is the yield, per bag of a yeast donut premix and what is the cost? – Page 89

Q2. How much does plain, blueberry and chocolate cake donut premixes cost and does the cake donut premixes yield the same as the yeast dough? – Page 89

Q3. How do I obtain donut sticks without owning a donut shop or kitchen. – Page 89

6 ~ All Rights Reserved 2011-Present

Required Licensing and Certificates – Page 90

Deposit – Page 90

Liability insurance – Page 90

Food handler’s certificate 91

How-To Successfully Book Events – Page 91

Step 1. UNIQUE – Page 92




Equipment Needed – Page 98

Concession Booth (Tent) – Page 100

Recommended concession accessories – Page 101

Misting System – Page 104

Portable Sinks – Page 104

S/S Food Preparation Table – Page 105

616 Cut-N-Fry Donut Fryer – Page 108

Donut Supplies and Ingredients Needed – Page 110

616 Cut-N-Fry Donut Fryer – Page 111

Disc Dough Cutter – Page 111

Rolling Pin – Page 111

Plastic Scrapers – Page 112

Proofing Cabinet – Page 112

Drumsticks – Page 112

Ingredient list needed when placing an order from Dawn Foods – Page 113

How to make yeast donut sticks from scratch – Page 114

How to make yeast donut sticks from a donut premix – Page 118

Step 1. Scale and Mix 25 pounds of Yeast Donut Dough – Page 118

Step 2. Floor Time (Commonly Known as Bench Time) – Page 119

Step 3. Balling your dough (Commonly Known as Loafing) – Page 119

Why Loaf my dough? – Page 119

How do I know when to Loaf or ball my dough? – Page 120

Step 4. How do I know when to roll my dough? – Page 120

Step 5. Proof the donut sticks – Page 120

How do I know when to fry Donuts Sticks? 121

All Rights Reserved

2011-Present ~ 7

How to make cake donuts using the Belshaw Type B. Donut Depositor – Page 121

How to make the donut crumb – Page 122

Donut equipments sales and ingredient resources – Page 122

Bake Mark (Formally Westco flour company) – Page 122

Daylight Flour Company – Page 122

Dawn Foods – Page 122

Kerekes Bakery & Restaurant Equipment – Page 123

The best websites for finding festivals in your region. – Page 123

Donut making tips and advice (refresher) – Page 123

How often do I change fryer shortening oil? – Page 123

What oil do you recommend for frying donuts? – Page 123

Donut Fryer Buying Tips – Page 124

After frying yeast donuts, I have brown spots and blistering on donuts? – Page 124

Conclusion – Page 125


Mega-Business Grand Opening – Page 126

Acquire Free Media Coverage With a Mega—Business Grand Opening – Page 126

Branding The Donut Business – Page 128

Syllable Rhyme – Page 128

“Thinking Outside the Box” – Page 131

What will be the name of the charity event? – Page 134

What if I do not own a donut shop? – Page 135

What exactly will the calendars consist of other than pictures? – Page 136

What is the most cost-effective and expedient means to create, receive, and distribute the calendars? – Page 136

How much will the calendars cost and what remaining profit is left for charity? 136

How many calendars will you need for the fund-raising event? – Page 136

What exactly will my promotional letter contain to initiate the participation in the Willamette Classic Car show for charity event? – Page 136

How long will the fund-raising for charity event last? 138

8 ~ All Rights Reserved 2011-Present

Will a pro bono (free) accountant be responsible for the record-keeping in exchange for a sponsorship of the event? – Page 138

Are other means of raising funds for the charity available? – Page 138

Exactly how will I advertise, market, and promote the WILLAMETTE CLASSIC CAR SHOW AND DONUT FOR CHARITY EVENT? – Page 139

Sample Media and Promotional Letter: – Page 139

Pledge Form – Page 141

Headline to Include Business Logo – Page 144

Donut World – Page 144

A. Business Cards – Page 149

B. Customer Appreciation Cards – Page 149

C. Banners – Page 150

D. Coupons – Page 150

E. Event Flyers – Page 151

F. Gift Certificates – Page 151

G. Balloons – Page 151

Donation Receipt from Classic Car Show And Donuts For Charity Event – Page 159

Other considerations! – Page 160


A ingredient recipe can be broken down into one of two parts: – Page 161

Leavening Agents – Page 161



Flour, Sugar, Shortening and Helpful Tips for Donut Making – Page 162

Appropriate Flour Used For Specific Donut Recipes – Page 163

Appropriate Flours Used For Cake Donuts – Page 164

Appropriate Flours Used For Old-Fashioned Donuts – Page 164

What flour is best for making donuts? – Page 164

What sugar is best for making donuts – Page 164

Moisture retention – Page 165

Browning – Page 166

Tenderness – Page 166

Aeration (Leavening) – Page 166

Structure 166 All Rights Reserved 2011-Present ~ 9

Spread – Page 166

Fermentation – Page 166

Butter, Shortening, and Oils – Page 167

Butter – Page 167

Margarine – Page 167

Oils – Page 168

Modifying an Existing Donut Recipe to Call Your Own 168

Essential and Inclusion Ingredients – Page 168

To Fry and Assemble Donuts – Page 170

What oil do you recommend for frying donuts? 170

How do I proof and fry yeast donuts at home. 170

My yeast donuts do not double in size when fried? 171

How do I test fry a donut before frying a whole screen? 171

My yeast donuts are chewy and not tender. 171


Overview – Page 172

Basic Donut Making Terminology – Page 174

Yeast and Cake Donut Essential Key Ingredients – Page 174

Essential Key Ingredients – Page 175

Essential Key Ingredients (Yeast Donuts) – Page 176

Flour- Sugar-Yeast- Shortening – Page 176

Scrap Dough “Brew” a Trade Secret – Page 178

Correct final mix outcome calculations – Page 178

Yeast Donut Recipe Demonstrated in The Advanced Donut Training Course on DVD – Page 180

Yeast Donut Recipe (Batching your brew) – Page 180

Tips for Batching, Mixing and Incorporating Donut Recipe Ingredients – Page 181

Here are some yeast donut making tips on the lighter side of donuts! – Page 182

Clarification of Floor Time “Bench Time” – Page 183

Floor Time – Page 183

Clarification of Balling “Loafing” Yeast Dough – Page 183

How do I know when to ball the dough? Why Loaf the dough? – Page 183

How do I know when to ball my dough? 18410 ~ All Rights Reserved 2011-Present

Timing when to roll the dough and make donuts – Page 184

Clarification of Proofing Techniques – Page 184

Working With Reformed Dough – Page 186

Frying Techniques – Page 186

Donut Recipes – Page 187

Simple Yeast Donut Recipe – Page 187

Pumpkin Cake Donut Recipe – Page 192

Apple Cider Donut Recipe – Page 194

Buttermilk Cake Donut Recipe – Page 196

Cake donut trouble shooting with Belshaw type B donut dispenser – Page 197

Chocolate Cinnamon Cake Donut – Page 197

Blueberry cake donuts – Page 198

French Donut Recipe From Scratch – Page 198

Donut Puff Recipe – Page 199

Baked Yeast Donuts – Page 200

Basic Sweet Rolls Recipe – Page 201

Baked Cake Donut Recipe – Gluten & Vegan Free Recipe – Page 202

Basic Sweet Roll Recipe – Page 203

Common ingredients for donut icings and glazes and why. – Page 203

Donut Icings, Glazes and Whipped Fillings – Page 204

Traditional Donut Glaze – Page 204

White Donut Icing – Page 205

Vanilla Butter Cream Filling – Page 205

Maple Icing – Page 206

Chocolate Icing – Page 206

Mocha Cream Filling – Page 207

Cherry & Blueberry Icings – Page 207

Secret Donut Toppings & Fillings – Page 208

Toffee/Peanut Donut Crumb – Page 208

French Filling – Page 208

Vanilla Sugar – Page 208

Talking Point: Utilizing Donut/Flour Companies to Meet Your Need! – Page 209

Trouble Shooting Cake Donut Premixes – Page 211

Should cake donuts absorb excess fryer shortening when fried at 365 Fahrenheit? – Page 211

All Rights Reserved 2011-Present ~ 11


DONUT BUSINESS Q/A – Page 213 Thru – Page 230

Q. 1 – I am considering adding partners to my donut business. What do you recommend to protect myself? 213

Q. 2 – I am formulating a donut shop business plan. Is there specific information you can give me that will assist me in acquiring a loan? 213

Q. 4 – I am about to open my donut shop, how many donuts do I make? 214

Q. 5 – If you were to reopen a donut shop. What things would you do differently? 215

Q. 6 – What is viable retail vs. wholesale donut pricing strategy? 215

Q. 7 – What Is Considered Bulk Contractual Wholesale Orders And/or Specialty Wholesale Orders? 216

Q. 8 – Is there specific advice you can give me to avoid leasing or renting or buying a bad donut shop location. 216

Q. 9 – What is the ideal donut shop location? 217

Q. 10 – What square footage do I need for a donut shop. Also a location large enough to accommodate wholesale? 217

Q. 11 – How many employees do I need to employ to start the donut business? 217

Q. 12 – What time does a typical donut shop start making donuts? 218

Q. 13 – I have always had this vision of producing warm/fresh raised glazed donuts thru the morning in my Donut shop, how do I do that? 218


Q. 1 – How often do I change fryer shortening oil? 219

Q. 2 – What is butterlean? 219

Q. 3 – When I finish cutting yeast raised “rings” donuts. Do I place them in the proof box right away, or wait until I have cut all my donuts? 219

Q. 4 – Is there a substitute for buttermilk to activate baking soda and baking powder? 220

Q. 5 – What type of proof box do you recommend for donuts? 220

Q. 6 – After removing screens of donuts from the proofing cabinet, What is the dry stage? 220

Q. 7 – Should you expose your donuts to room temperature beyond five minutes, your donuts will form a thick shell, making for a tough donut. 220

Q. 8 – What is power flour or hard flour and soft flour? 221

Q. 9 – My yeast donuts (rings) will not rise, and are not fluffy? 22112 ~ All Rights Reserved 2011-Present

Q. 10 – What is the timetable for donut making tasks? Have you ever created like a template of start times, all the way through donut making process and decorating? 221

Q. 11 – How do I clean the donut glaze from the previous nights bake, prior to adding fresh donut glaze? How do I get all the “debris” out of the glaze? 222

Q. 12 – Approximately how many cake donuts will you yield from 5 pounds of cake donut batter, using the Belshaw type B. donut depositor. 222

Q. 13 – Approximately how many Yeast Donuts will you yield from 5 pounds of yeast donut dough. 222

Q. 14 – What oil do you recommend for frying donuts? 222

Q. 15 – How do I proof and fry yeast donuts at home. 223

Q. 16 – I use a Belshaw cake donut depositor and my donuts fall to the side when dispensed and not straight down, causing donuts to double turn, crack and blister. 223

Q. 18 – My cake donuts are heavy and absorb oil. 223

Q. 19 – We intend to only serve hot fresh-baked donuts, not fried. What oven would I need for this specific task? 224

Q. 20 – Why do I need to warm the mixing bowl, prior to adding ingredients. 224

Q. 21 – My yeast donuts do not double in size when fried? 224

Q. 22 – My yeast donuts severely blister when fried? 224

Q. 23 – How do I test fry a donut before frying a whole screen? 224

Q. 24 – My yeast glazed raised donuts – look like footballs! How do I know when I have relaxed the yeast dough enough to cut donuts… what do I look for? 224

Q. 25 – My yeast donuts brown very quickly when frying, what am I doing wrong? 225

Q. 26 – What size of donut cutter do I need for raised glazed rings. 225

Q. 27 – I want to use a doughnut premix when preparing my yeast donuts and cake donuts. what type of premix should I use. 225

Q. 28 – What type of yeast should I use, dry or fresh? 225

Q. 29 – What is the best way to fill a ring cake or yeast glazed donut? 225

Q. 30 – At what temperature do you fry cake and yeast donuts? 225

Q. 31 – What donuts require docking and how much do you dock the donuts? 226

Q. 32 – Where can I order the flour, Icing and the ingredients for donut making? 226

Q. 33 – What do I do with over proof donut? 227

Q. 34 – How do you convert tablespoons to cups? 227

Q. 35 – How many eggs in a quart? 227

All Rights Reserved 2011-Present ~ 13

Q. 36 – How much does a quart of water weigh? 227

Q. 37 – What is dough conditioner 228

Q. 38 – After frying yeast donuts, I have brown spots and blistering on donuts? 228

Q. 39 – How do I proof yeast donut without a proof box or proofing cabinet? 228

Q. 40 – Why do I need a submersion screen and what is speed frying. 228

Q. 41 – Why do glazes and icings become sticky and break down? 228

Q. 42 – Donut Recipes And High Altitude 229

Q. 43 – How do I submerge and fry donut holes? 229

Q. 41 – Dimensions & over all plans for frying screens, glazing and display pans. 229

Q. 42 -The Powder Sugar melts on the cake donuts 230




Earnings Disclaimer – Page 235

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