El reno Donut Shop Business I opened

El Reno Donut Shop Business I opened

Video Testimonial

ZZ’ Donut shop business I consulted for located in El Reno Oklahoma.

The 12 day donut shop consultation & scratch donut training consisting of yeast, cake and French donuts to include rustic tiger bread for a deli line and sausage sandwiches. The first week was difficult for the contractors were not finished and slow to complete the contracted work for exhaust hood however in the end we were successful.

Barbara Farrar of ZZ donuts shop was very camera shy and I thought I may not get her on video needed for the video testimonial. This was my second donut shop training in Oklahoma (Always a good experience).

Listed are a few donuts made at ZZ donuts

Cotton Candy Cake Donuts
Cotton Candy Cake Donuts with bubble gum drizzle icing.
My signature Marbled Yeast Donuts
My signature Marbled Yeast Donuts – A Chocolate / Whites Yeast Donut
Banana  Split Yeast Donuts
Banana Split Yeast Donuts