why hire a donut business consultant

Why Hire a Donut Business Consultant


Golden horizontal rule

There are many aspects to the world of donuts and starting a donut business. An experienced donut business consultant can properly navigate you through this process. The primary reason for hiring a consultant is to leverage the experience of the consultant to get the new business up and running as soon as possible, based on time of-the-essence.

One part to hiring a consultant is to avoid common mistakes associated in starting a new donut business, and there are many however avoidable.

The donut businesses consultant will navigate you away from common costly mistakes such as purchasing donut equipment before developing the donut business model. The same can be said for purchasing donut equipment before developing the donut line based on the business model.

A consultant that has expert experience in not only in site selection or equipment selection but real world experience in the donut kitchen can bring your creative ideas to fruition (Please read article – hands-on donut-training).

A donut business consultant that offers you (The Client) master donut making training can ensure your business is a success by helping you develop a business model complemented with a donut line that will take the local donut market by storm.

It is critical to hire a donut business consultant that has real world experience in opening a multitude of different types of donut businesses ranging from classic mom-and-pop donut shops, donut factories to made-to-order donut businesses (MTO). and based on scratch donut making methods.

A experienced donut business consultant can assist you in developing a sba ready business plan needed to get you funded, based on, your donut business model, develop the donut line, train you in scratch donut making methods, show you how-to convert the master recipes into donut premixes needed for a multitude of reasons.

It is also very important that the person you hire as a consultant has experience in a wide range of related business areas such as internet marketing, website design, lease negotiation, construction i.e costs of frame outs, white shell, grey shell and renovation experience.

I personally take great pride in saving my clients so much money in equipment cost that it literally covers my consultation fees. I can do this because I developed a software program that automatically searches 20 websites for used donut equipment and I then forward the information directly to my clients.

To use the analogy of an hourglass: The sand in the hour glass is my cleints money and I need to get you open and making money based on time-is-of-the-essence in order to save you as much money as possible.

The sooner you open the doors, the sooner you make a profit. People routinely ask me – “when is the best time to open a donut business? Well, the best time to plan a tree was 10 years ago but the next best time is now!

The 3 do not of do NOT-

Do not hire consultants that sell new donut equipment at top dollar offering no alternatives to save you.
Do not hire consultants that sell donut premixes
Do not hire consultants that lack video testimonials or references from current donut shop owners

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