Virtual donut making Class

Virtual Donut Making Class

Donut Business Workshop

Join me in my home kitchen for a virtual cake donut making class and workshop via zoom.

Together in real time we will make my decadent 3-milk buttermilk vanilla cake donut. I will walk you through the donut making process step-by-step.

This will make for not only great donuts, but a well-rounded balance of fun and learning. Follow along virtually step-by-step picking up donut making tips and tricks along the way. There’s plenty of time to chat and ask me questions. Class duration is approximately 100 minutes.

My goal of the donut training workshop is to leave you with an experience of learning professional donut making methods and give you an opportunity to discus any questions about the donut business you may have. I am confident you will be enriched and happy about attending a virtual donut training class and business workshop.

I believe this specific introduction to donut making will prepare you to move forward with more advanced donut training sessions.

When you reserve your spot. I will provide the cake donut recipe for the virtual donut training in an excel program recipe template. I also will provide a list of ingredients and small ware supplies needed to make the 3-milk cake donut. Most all the ingredients you will have in your home kitchen.

This custom excel program has been programed to automatically scale the cake donut recipe to any poundage you desire for donut making with 1 click of the mouse, yes 1 “click” of a button.

The excel program you will receive is preset for the virtual donut training however you now can scale ALL your current and future recipes with this one recipe template. This template is a game changer folks, so easy… You will never want to store another food recipe in word or DOC ever again.

The virtual Cake Donut Training Class Is For Anyone Seeking To Make Quality Cake Donuts Needed For The Donut Business