Virtual donut making Class

Virtual Donut Making Class

Expert Donut Making Workshop

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3 milk cake donut recipe needed to stat a donut shop business

3-milk buttermilk vanilla cake donuts

The virtual Donut Training Class Is For Anyone Seeking To Make Quality Cake or Yeast Donuts

The Zoom virtual donut training will take you from donut zero experience to donut hero.

I will teach you step-by-step how to make cake and/or yeast donuts by scratch (it’s your choice) via a virtual donut-making class and workshop via Zoom and a combination of face time making for an advanced interactive donut-making training class.

Everything is covered: From kitchen setup, scaling, batching & sifting, mixing, bench time, loafing, fermentation process, making the donuts, proofing the donuts and frying and finishing the donuts.

Personalized step-by-step coaching provided by an expert – Lester Chastain

As a professional doughnut business consultant that consistently opens doughnut shops and franchises, 99% of doughnut recipes found on the Internet are theory-based recipes that have not been tested and perfected that can be prepared in the home kitchen and/or commercial application.

About Cake Donut Training

I will guide you step-by-step on how to make my decadent 3-milk buttermilk vanilla cake donut that is a base for all other cake donut varieties.

About Yeast Donut Training

Utilizing my master yeast donut recipe, I will guide you step-by-step on making a decadent, light, airy, and savory yeast donut that you and your family can enjoy for years to follow.

To ensure the training is interactive. I demonstrate how to loaf 30 lbs. of yeast donut dough and then roll and cut the donuts, timed just perfectly as you are loafing and cutting the yeast donuts in your home kitchen.

Depending on which training class you choose i.e. yeast or cake. You will also receive my advanced yeast training course and/or the commercial cake donut training series to orientate you to the process of donut making before you attend the virtual donut making class-we leave no donut unturned.

This will make for great donuts and a well-rounded balance of fun and learning. Follow along virtually step-by-step. There’s plenty of time to chat and ask me questions about the donut business and/or any topic that you feel is important that needs clarification.

The class duration is approximately 100 minutes.

A Fun, Educational Experience For The Whole Family

The donut making class is filled with donut factoids making for an enriched experience.

You will also learn advanced donut-making methods to enhance the quality of the finished donut products and the training you will receive.

My goal is to leave you with an experience of learning advanced donut-making methods and allow you to address any questions about the donut business you may have. I am confident you will be enriched and happy with your one-on-one virtual donut training class.

When you reserve your spot by purchasing the donut training class. I will reach out to you via email about the particulars of the training and discuss a time to scedual the donut training class. I will send you complete information with a list of all ingredients and small ware needed for the virtual donut training class.

I will provide the donut recipe for the virtual donut training in an Excel program recipe template. I will also provide a list of ingredients and small ware supplies needed to make the 3-milk cake donut and/or the yeast donut recipe (it’s your choice)—most of the ingredients/inclusions you will have in your home kitchen.

This is what you will receive with your order of the virtual donut training class:

Expert Donut Instructional Training
Tested and Perfected Donut Recipes Provided In An Excel Format
Recording Of The Donut Training Session
Advanced Yeast Or Cake Donut Training Course
Unlimited Consultation
Virtual yeast Donut Training

Only $299

Disclaimer: We will be frying donuts in hot oil.