Donut Shop Equipment List

Donut Shop Equipment List

Donut Equipment List Needed To Start A Donut Business

There are many considerations to consider when determining a donut shop equipment list. I will provide you a complete primary donut equipment list and a small ware list needed for a retail donut business. Before making a equipment list I always start with determining the donut business model because the business model determines the donut line. This essential two-step process will save you money by not spending a penny more on equipment you do not need.

The equipment list will be complete with photos and descriptions and links to purchase the equipment. I am not an affiliate and do not make commissions off the equipment I am recommending. The donut shop equipment list includes a small ware list that is based on an actual master donut line. So it would take the small ware to implement the master donut line.

You can access the donut shop equipment list via pdf by contacting me and providing me your donut business model. I will then forward you the equipment list needed for the business model. There is so much more to a equipment list than just dough mixers and bakers table. I put a lot of time into the equipment list, so… I hope it helps you! If you need help finding donut equipment I can help you with that.

I am a professional donut business consultant with the goal of saving you money. Let’s start with that,  OK.

Please review the below article in its entirety because it will save you time, energy and money.

It is important to note commercial donut equipment such as Belshaw equipment’s are engineered to last a lifetime and the equipment is known worldwide for robust durability and reliability.

Also, because the Belshaw donut equipment company has been in business for over 80 years, replacement parts are readily available should you need them. This is important because having access to readily available parts is critical should you need them.

I have no reservations in buying used donut equipment because the equipment is very robust and will last you for years to come.

One word of advice when negotiating the price of used donut equipment. Always research the make and model of the equipment you are considering buying whether or not it be a donut fryer or mixer. Have the mindset as if you are buying a used car.

The make and model of any commercial donut equipment will give you a basis of negotiation. This is especially true when dealing with restaurant equipment suppliers and wholesalers. Restaurant equipment suppliers always want top dollar and you need to determine the make and model and year the equipment was manufactured.

There are five parts to take into consideration prior to making a donut equipment list.

  1.  It is critical to determine the donut business model you intend to implement before purchasing donut equipment. A variety of factors to determining the donut business model are:
  2.  Will you be opening a retail donut shop location?
  3.  Do you have plans of expanding the business by offering donut wholesale and delivery.
  4. Do you plan on opening satellite locations to complement your primary location?

That said: should you plan on expanding the donut business in any fashion I highly recommend installing an oversized exhaust hood system right from the beginning.

In this way, when you are ready you can add a second donut fryer, place the Belshaw cake donut depositor in the center of the two fryers and exponentially increase donut production.

You now have the capacity to quadruple cake donut production and double yeast donut production. In addition, you can add a second proof box and a dough sheeter whenever you are ready to expand operations. In this way you do not have to purchase all the equipment from the beginning, “only when you’re ready to expand operations”.

  •  Determine the donut line based on the donut business model.

This is critical because if your plan is to produce basic donut varieties for wholesale and delivery there is no need for complex small ware list of equipment’s such as bakers torches, French donut plungers and donut hole plungers including multiple donut glazers and icing warmers etc.,

in fact, you may even want to consider an industrial location to save money not leasing a high-end location. It all starts with the donut business model.

3). Allow yourself adequate time to research and acquire  quality equipment.

It is a sinking feeling when you are ready to open but , need a primary piece of equipment knowing you have to spend top dollar on equipment because there is no used donut equipment available.

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