Yeast Sweet Roll Recipe Training

Sweet Roll Recipe Training

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Master the art of making sweet rolls with recipe training

Master The Art of Making Sweet Rolls & Lemon, Raspberry and Blueberry Perishing

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Folks, seriously – the sweet roll recipe is by far one of my best decadent sweet rolls I have ever tasted. Prepared with a French filling center and then caramel glazed makes this sweet creation second to none!

I went to great extends to ensure the recipe can be made efficiently and consistently. Your customers will be so appreciative to have locally baked products. It is critical to have baked products in your donut business for people who prefer baked goods or fried donuts.

I can tell you this. When I was training the owners of island crave donuts located in kawaii Hawaii. There is a local bakery known for their sweet rolls. When I introduced the French filled sweet rolls with caramel glaze the locals found their new favorite. We were told time-and-time again “These are the best sweet rolls ever” and they are!

Amazing Raspberry & Lemon Sweet Roll Perishing’s

sweet roll recipe training
Lemon & Raspberry Perishing’s

The Blueberry, raspberry and lemon Pershing’s are prepared with sweet roll dough as noted above ensuring efficiency and consistency during the baking process. These are hot sellers and will add to your donut shop profits. Pershing’s are ideal for wholesaling to hotels and motels. Simply prepare them a little smaller than you prepare them for the donut shop.

The sweet roll and Pershing recipe video training will help you hone your yeast donut dough training. This is a step-by-step vide instructional, (Everything is covered!).  

This is what you will receive with the Yeast Sweet Roll & Pershing training

  • Complete step-by-step Yeast Sweet Roll Training Video
  • Complete Sweet Roll Pershing Training
  • All Recipes delivered on excel. The excel program automatically scales the recipe to any poundage you need based on the original recipe
  • Unlimited consultation via zoom, phone, email support
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