French donut cruller training

French Donut Cruller Recipe Training

Go from donut zero to donut HERO

French donut recipe training

When made by scratch utilizing the copper kettle YOUR customers will feel as if transported back in time and discover decadent perfection. A melt in your mouth, light as air doughnut guaranteed to distinguish your business and please repeat customers for years to come.

What then can the above do for you…

  • Instantly increase sales
  • The ideal product to cross sale and up sale coffee and barista drinks
  • The ideal gourmet doughnut line to complement gourmet coffee & barista drinks
  • The ideal product to cross sale and up sale coffee and barista drinks
  • The ideal product to sale at festivals, carnivals, special EVENTS and flea markets

Take the competition by surprise when you implement a decadent doughnut line customers will seek every day, to start their day.

Honestly, the coffee/donut shop business is brutal with stiff competition competing for your customers. New barista businesses are opening up nearly every day. Even the all mighty Starbucks realizes this and now offers cake doughnuts daily from Topot doughnuts located in Seattle Washington.

Consider this…

I believe we can AGREE that is critical to have a competitive edge in business?  A product only your business offers. A product customers will seek every day –  to start their day.

We both recognize today’s savvy customers want ambiance CONNECTED TO YOUR BUSINESS and want to feel as SPECIAL as the products and drinks you offer. It only makes sense to offer authentic products that defines a business as a place to relax and enjoy a cup of Joe. The French doughnut line will achieve just that!

This is what will distinguish your business from the rest!

The French doughnut will complement any food, coffee and drink business seeking to improve overall sales and create a buzz and coolness factor associated with doughnuts and making highly profitable French doughnuts utilizing the copper kettle… Well, is just cool to watch.

Imagine for a moment… the buzz created when your customers rave about watching the art of the French doughnut being prepared in multiple varieties. Furthermore, you will not only attract new customers but instill a sense of tradition and pride using this time honored recipe that complements your premium coffee line.

The recipe is special…

I learned how-to make French doughnuts by scratch in my uncle Charles bakery 25 years ago, and Charles learned the recipe 25+ years ago from Mel Bainbridge of doughnut world in San Francisco, and Mel learned the recipe from old time bakers of yesteryear.

 What You Will Learn…

You will quickly learn how-to make the traditional French doughnut by scratch utilizing the copper kettle, (I also provide complete instructions to make French Doughnuts in the home kitchen).

I BEGIN the video TUTORIAL with an explanation of the steps that are going to take place to make the doughnuts, and then;

  • Batch our raw ingredients.
  • Fire up the copper kettle to a rolling boil.
  • Add master and inclusion ingredients that we cook into a paste for a base.
  • Cool the base utilizing our mixer
  • Incorporate additional master ingredients and make a perfect batter

And finally, doughnut equipment training.

We then deposit, fry, decorate and present a decadent doughnut line for our customers. I will be there every step of the way starting with raw ingredients to displaying the French doughnuts for sale.
I unlock the mystery of a trade secret and show you step-by-step how-to make French doughnuts by scratch and ASSIST you in creating a unique French doughnut-line to dramatically increase sales.

#1. 98% of doughnut shops use expensive French doughnut premixes that taste like bread
#2. 99.9% of internet doughnut recipes are theory based non-tested recipes
#3. Comparing French doughnuts made by scratch to doughnut premixes is like comparing a classic Cadillac to a old pinto about to be junked.

#4. Minimal investment
#5. Minimal space
#6. Minimal training
#7. Minimal cost to make .6 cents each


When it comes to doughnuts? Some people enjoy cake doughnuts and some people enjoy yeast doughnuts, but all, YOUR customers will love French doughnuts because “the donut” is light and airy much like yeast doughnuts but with the exterior texture of a cake doughnuts. You can bet that makes for one happy customer!

I would not be an effective helper/consultant if I did not do my very best to ensure you a recipe for success, (“I really mean that!”). I know what it is to start a donut/coffee house and put real money on the line. I want you to have every OPPORTUNITY to be successful, and that is why, I am sharing the recipe with you today.
But… the truth of the matter is:
Every day you wait to BUY the French doughnut making course. Your competitor is gaining momentum, and worst of all, gaining new customer loyalty.

What you need to do, right now, today!

Now is the time to put any anxiety aside when thinking about implementing this product. I will walk you through step-by-step as you join me in my donut shop.

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