Best malasada recipe

Best Malasada Recipe

Hawaiian Portuguese Donuts

The best Malasada recipe training
The perfect malasada recipe tested and perfected to make decadent Hawaiian Portuguese inspired donuts.
The perfect Mossad of field with traditional coconut cream filling

The Perfect Malasada Filled with Traditional Coconut Cream Filling

The truth of the matter is I formulated the perfect malasada recipe utilizing my 3 decades donut making and baking experience. My experience really shined on this one.  

The owner of Island Craves donut franchise in Kawaii Hawaii expected the very best from me, and he got it!

I implemented a traditional Malasada donut line with traditional coconut filling but honestly, I prepared the Malasada recipe even better than the one’s made traditionally.

I know it is a bold statement, but it is true. The end-product is more tender, improved flavor, better shelf life and fried faster resulting in a light and airy Malasada with a beautiful golden-brown color.

The modifications I made to the traditional Malasada recipe is 4-fold.

1) I creamed the butter and sugar together making for a light and airy mixture eliminating the heaviness of raw butter and egg enabling me to reduce raw ingredients by 50%

2) I incorporated brew. Brew is any yeast dough made from a previous night’s bake. Much like a chef that adds stock to a soup, brew dramatically increases flavor, fermentation and acts as a natural preservative.

3) I added a natural/organic non-gmo dough conditioner thus increasing the strength of the dough cell structure formed during the fermentation process (Bigger, stronger cell structure increases the rise of the yeast donut- in this case the Malasada).

4) I used advanced donut making methods to implement all of the above making for THE PERFECT MALASADA!!!

So, there you have it. The perfect Malasada locally tested and approved as the best Malasada donut the locals ever ate. We heard this statement time-and-time again, fact!

With this one product you can start a business by making traditional Malasadas. There’s one more thing I need to report to you. I also made Malasada raised glazed donuts (A first that I know of).

And now you can too!

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