Donut Machine and Donut Robot Cake Donut Recipe Video Training

Donut Robot Recipe Training

Virtual donut robot training

There are many people boasting how they help you with a cake donut business.

“I actually show you!”

Donut Machine Recipe Video Demonstrating the use of my recipe in a made-to-order cake donut business

a donut Recipe that has been implemented into actual donut businesses

If you own or considering purchasing a donut robot or machine to sell mini donuts. You require tested and perfect recipes formulated specifically for dispensing cake donut consistently and evenly resulting in a quality end donut product. Also, a cake donut recipe that tastes phenomenal.

Today, I am happy to report I am now offering virtual donut machine training to instruct you on how-to setup, operate and implement a cake donut line utilizing your donut machine. You have the option to attend the training at your convenience.

The donut machine recipe will utilize my 3-milk buttermilk vanilla cake donut that has thoroughly tested to make consistent cake donuts. In the field the milk mixture can be preblended as can the dry ingredients essentially making a donut premix but with far superior taste and flavor.

I formulate all my cake donut recipes based on 50 LBS of ingredients, and only then, can donut recipes be scaled to any desired poundage’s needed. The 3-milk buttermilk vanilla cake donut recipe (AKA – The 3-milk). is tested and proven to make superior cake donuts with a donut machine or robot. But that’s not all not even close.

The recipe is stable enough to make a multitude of assorted cake donut batters needed to make an array of cake donut flavors i.e chocolate, blueberry etc.

The 3-milk is taken from my commercial cake donut training series and is the only donut robot or donut machine recipe you will ever need. You can adapt the recipe to make ALL flavored varieties.

With the purchase of Virtual Donut Machine Training Class. You will receive:

One-on-one personal virtual donut machine training to guide you through the setup of the donut robot or machine

Complete step-by-step virtual via zoom cake donut recipe training

The complete commercial cake donut training series ($300 value)

Complete recipes for all cake donut varieties i.e. 3-milk, blueberry and chocolate cake donuts found on excel format

The truth of the matter is. I have have spent years perfecting cake, yeast and specialty donut recipes. I know what works and know what does not work – No theory based recipes found here. All my recipes have been implemented into multiple donut shop business.

Do not delay and order you virtual donut training, today!