11 Day Master Donut Making Training Class

11 Day Master Donut Making Class – Schedule Today!

Everything You Need To Learn To Start A donut Shop Business
Start date: Sunday, August 12, 2023.

Where: Moab, UT

Expert Donut Maker needed to start a donut business I am holding an 11-day onsite donut training in Moab, UT. If you are interested in complete donut training to start a donut business then this is your opportunity to jump on board and make it happen…

Go from donut zero experience to donut HERO!

You will learn how to make from scratch a complete yeast, cake, and French donut line utilizing master recipes derived from over 3+ decades of testing and perfecting. You will also learn how-to make all donut glazes, specialty glazes, icings, specialty icings, and donut toppings, fillings, & creams and so much more.

I will teach you or your staff a master donut line designed to be adaptable to any market or service. A donut line consisting of traditional, gourmet, and specialty donuts based on yeast, cake, and French donut batters and doughs.

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The 11 day donut training consists of 8 hours of training daily for 11 consecutive days. Cost: $8500

Lester Chastain



Donut Varieties You Will Learn

The Donut Training Also Includes Products As Describe In Below Pictures.

Everything is covered in the training, including how to make professional sweet rolls filled with a French filling and topped with a caramel glaze. Also demonstrated is lemon, blackberry and raspberry perishing’s with a hands on approach. I also will teach how-to make professional breakfast sandwiches line. We will be utilizing my special quick rise bread and rustic crunch glaze to make phenomenal bread and sandwiches.

sweet roll recipe training
Yeast sweet roll recipe training.
sweet roll recipe training