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Donut Business Library

Go from donut zero experience to donut HERO

The Video Explains The Doughnut Business Library To Start A Donut Business (Listed Below).

The donut business library consists of all 12 donut training instructional videos and business books and includes 3-hours personal one-on-one consultation with me via zoom, email and phone.

Read below about the 12 actionable products you will receive with your order of the donut business library. I am the sole author of all the donut business DVDS, videos and business books found on this website. All donut making video training are accompanied with tested and proven recipes demonstrated in an actual commercial kitchen.

Donut Business Consultation

Service 1.

3 Hours Personal Consultation & Coaching

Together we will develop a business plan based on 3 decades of my experience whereby you will have actionable information to assist you on your journey into the business by forming the fundamentals of your business plan into action.

In addition to the above. Consultation services with me includes advice on the entire business library below:

Product 2.


3 hour advanced yeast doughnut making training course. Includes the donut business formula PDF book. The PDF book is delivered via email. 

This 242-page book is a step-by-step guide to starting your own profitable business selling doughnuts and complements all products included in the doughnut business library.

Instant download of donut business books

Instant Download via Streaming Video

Advanced the yeast and donut training course

Instant Download

Donut Business Formula Guide Book needed to start a donut business

Product 3.

Commercial Cake Doughnut Video Training Series

Commercial cake Donut recipe book

Instant access via streaming video

Instant download
Streaming video of cake donut recipe

Commercial Cake Donut Video Training Series

A step-by-step how-to multi task making multiple cake donut varieties utilizing my master cake donut recipe, the 3-milk buttermilk vanilla cake donut- a divine cake donut recipe that has been tested and perfected and implemented into many donut businesses.

Everything  is covered:
) The 3-milk buttermilk vanilla cake donut
2) Blueberry cake donut training (I even provide the blueberry donut filling video training)
3) Chocolate cake donuts

The cake donut recipes are demonstrated in 10- and 20-pound batches. Learn how-to make the above donuts including frying the donuts utilizing the Belshaw cake donut depositor. I then demonstrate how-to finish the donuts utilizing speed icing methods. THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT

Product 4.

Commercial Donut glaze & Icing Video Training Series

Donut glaze and icing video training

Instant access via streaming video

Instant download

Commercial Donut glaze & Icing Video Training Series

New never before release commercial donut glaze and icing video training series to complement the cake donut recipe video training series. Learn how-to professionally make:

Everything is covered:
 Classic donut glaze
2) White icing
3) Chocolate icing
4) Maple icing

All donut glaze and icings I demonstrate are prepared in #50 batches. You will learn how-to make donut glazes and icing that set up like acrylic to protect the donut and the donut glaze and icings are used for packaging and transportation of donuts.

The donut icings and glazes will not be found on Youtube or the internet because you must learn them from a professional who develop them and the same stands true for the commercial cake donut video training series.


Product 5.

Commercial Donut Filling Video Training Series

Commercial doughnut jellies and filling training book

Instant access via streaming video

Instant download

Commercial Donut Filling Video Training Series

Learn the art of making decadent and divine donut jellies & cream fillings in volume. You can make the best donut in the world however you need donut fillings to complement your gourmet donuts.

Everything is covered:
Bavarian Cream donut filling
2) Lemon curd donut filling
3) Buttercream donut filling
4) Blueberry jelly donut filling
5) Peanut butter/chocolate whip donut filling


Product 6.

French Doughnut Cruller Training

French donut training to start a donut business

Instant access via streaming video

French donut video training download
Instant download
Authentic French Doughnut recipe training utilizing the copper kettle complemented with a 75+ year old recipe. Instant access via streaming video. When made by scratch utilizing the copper kettle your customers will feel as if they were transported back in time and discovered decadent perfection. A melt in your mouth, light as air doughnut guaranteed to distinguish your business to please repeat customers for years to come.


Golden horizontal rule

Product 7.

Sweet roll and Pershing Training

Sweet roll and Pershing recipe training book

Instant access via streaming video

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The sweet roll and Pershing Training will add to your donut shop profits Now you can offer donut people and alternative as decadent as the donut. But the training is much more than just that.

Learn how-to professionally make sweet rolls and Lemon &  blueberry Pershing’s (The donut jellies and creams training videos have you covered) made in volume. This is yeast dough training at its finest. The sweet roll and Pershing training will give you the ability to achieve contractual daily wholesale accounts at local hotels and motels. Simply contact me and I will explain more about that.

The sweet rolls are filled with a French filling, oh so decadent.


Golden rule or zone

Product 8.

Doughnut Shop Business Plan Formula


Instant access via PDF format

Donut business plan book

IMPORTANT UPDATE 03/8/24: The donut shop business plan formula has now been updated with 2024 Donut Business Industrial report & Competition Analysis. Also revised proformas to include cost breakdown of yeast doughnuts.  

This is no boiler plate theory based business plan. Instead the reader will benefit from a 25 page blue print to achieve financing. This is the only doughnut shop business plan on the Internet that addresses “both” the doughnut and coffee industry with analysis and statistics to support a complete doughnut shop business plan.


Product 9.

Doughnut Protocol & Operational Manual

Donut business operational manual book

Instant access via PDF format

Streaming video download
Instant download

A complete donut business operational manual. Learn how-to implement complete yeast and cake donut lines simultaneously. The manual offers the reader a step-by-step donut production system based on real world experience. Complete protocols  to implement a professional donut line basen on my expert donut training series..

The “Manual” will guide you through the complexities to effectively implement a donut making system used on a daily basis to multi-task making yeast & cake donut lines.

Yes that’s correct! The operational manual instructs the reader on how-to utilize traditional scratch donut making methods integrated into formulating donut premixes based my yeast and cake donut video training series. 


Product 10.

Doughnut Business Blue Print

Interviews of highly successful donut shop owners

Instant access via PDF format

Instant download
MP3 donut business consultation interviews

The donut business library includes 4 audio interviews conducted by me with highly Successful Donut Shop Owners. It was no easy task to make that happen however I did a good job consulting and they all agreed to do the interview.

50 Interviews with successful food concession vender’s.

Every few years I visit the Oregon state fair and interview highly successful food concession vender’s. This last summer I interviewed over 50+ vender’s and asked them (“If You Were To Give Me 1 Peace Of Advice To Start A Successful Mobile Food Business, What Would It Be?). The advice I received is priceless and literally a blue print for success!!!


Product 11.

Espresso Business Formula

Espresso business formula book

Instant access via PDF format

Instant download
Video download

With over 2+ decades in the doughnut business I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the art of making espresso drinks & business. This eBook directly complements the doughnut business course.

The 190 page eBook Espresso Business Formula will clarify:

  • Coffee Barista equipment & small ware
  • Coffee bean storage, grinding & roasting
  • Espresso shots, Milk Frothing, Drink Making
  • Barista Drink Recipes (That go with donuts)
  • Store opening, Operations & Procedures
  • Cross sale and up sale related coffee Drinks with donuts
  • And so, so much more (GOOD READ)


Friends, imagine having authentic doughnut business information that is truly actionable! Whereby you can literally start a business with any of the step-by-step training videos found in the doughnut business library.

The information found in the doughnut business library is the real deal, you found it, let’s dig in together because now is the time to take action and make your dreams come true with a recipe for success because you will not be disappointed.

Here is how it all works – 

#1. Simply purchase the doughnut business library

#2. Review the information

#3. Schedule your private 3-hour consultation with me

My personal promise to you – I will be there for you every step on your journey to start any type of doughnut business!

Lester Chastain

$1250 for the complete doughnut business library